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Construction is the important power to promote the enterprise innovation, technological progress and enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises. And our company is building a high-quality, reasonable structure, innovative high level team.
We insist the humanistic idea, to create mutual trust, mutual respect for the growth and progress of employees, and provide more opportunities and space for their career planning, to create the necessary conditions for their technological and management innovation, also reward the employees who with outstanding performance and contributions, in order to promote the employees grow.
We are looking forward the excellent person with wisdom, passion and innovation to join in our company, and meet the opportunities and challenges together.

Compensation Strategy
 Our company always insist “ Customer first” as a management idea, in order to play “ attract , retain and encourage talent” effectively, so that to determine the salary.
-------To continue to maintain a competitive market salary levels;
-------To based on the principle of internal equity, to establish the post wage hierarchy;
-------To respect the individual capacity, support the development of different career paths;
-------To focus on the retention of talent.

Employee benefits
Our enterprise use a multi-level and multi-angle to set up benefit plan to employees:
------To handle the health care, pension, unemployment, work injury, maternity and employers liability insurance and other insurance programs to the qualified staff.
------Have the various statutory holidays ( including annual leave).
------To concern about the health of employees, will arrange the annual physical examination for employees.
------To hold the various community activities time to time, in order to enrich their leisure lives.
------To hold the various training activities, in order to improve the staff skill and knowledge.
------To provide transport services and communications subsidy for qualified management person.

Career Development
To create a broad development space for the person who with high aim and hope to be succeed.
Deeply concerned about the career development for the staff, “ doing business as a man.” Human accomplishment, character and belief will determine the concept of corporate brand.
  Always insist “ Customer first”, remember “mutual benefit” as the employment concept, foster the international quality and competitiveness of talent for the enterprise.

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